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If you have an accordion-style duct, replace it with a rigid meteal duct that prevents lint build-up and allows for better air flow. If that is a functionality you want, look into reversible DOWN dating chat dryer doors prior to purchase. All dryers must have at least one inch of clearance on all sides for air circulation. Also, consider whether the dryer door opens from the side or the top.

Best for Energy Use: Gas Dryer

However, if you are getting your electricity from a run of the mill power plant , then gas will be more environmentally friendly. This is the most surefire way to be sure of what type of dryer you have. She is also a Master Gardener with over 40 years’ experience; writing for over 20 years.

Gas vs. electric dryers: what’s the difference?

Electrical models only require a specific outlet that is similar to what a stove plugs into because of its requirements. It may use a little more energy, but it only needs one resource to function. Gas dryers produce hot air using natural gas or propane, pulling air through its vents and across the gas burner, and into the drum. Power, lights, and drum use electricity, so you’ll need a power outlet and a capped-off gas line. Check out the differences between gas and electric dryers in terms of cost, efficiency, and safety features of each type below. Gas dryers are also more expensive to install than electric dryers.

— Kenmore brand’s new home for delicious recipes, household hints and appliance innovations. If you are not receiving newsletters, please check your spam folder. Still, there are some steps you can follow to find out your model’s type. It has an excellent value for a dryer under $700, with simple settings that are easy to use for anyone. This simple model will do the job just as well as any other.

Before purchasing a dryer, check to ensure you have the correct gas line connection. It can be quite expensive to install the necessary lines if you don’t already have them. Washer and Dryer Dimensions Learn about average side-by-side and stackable washer and dryer sizes to accurately measure for your new laundry pair with Maytag. Gas and electric dryer models come with comparable performance, control, sizes and styles.

It is less likely that there will be a problem while turning them on. A glass electric hob’s sleek design could appeal to certain people. A more steady surface for work is provided by electric cookers. The gas dryer contains an igniter, gas burner, and other parts that an electric model don’t have. So, you’d need to remove all components that make it a gas dryer, and replace them with the parts from an electric dryer, for starters. With its substantial filtering capability, this indoor dryer vent from BetterVent is an excellent option when you have a dryer with no access to an external wall.

3.Please be careful when installing the drain hose because it may cause a defect due to a mistake. If you decide to make the switch, enlist the help of an appliance repair professional. Accumulated lint can go into the heating element and cause fires. Faulty wiring and improper grounding can lead to electrical fires. Gas fumes that leak between the machine and the gas line connection can lead to explosions. Washer installs will require a set of supply lines, channel lock pliers, and a zip tie to fasten the drain line to the supply lines.

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Also, installing a gas line — if there isn’t one already — requires expertise. Even with the presence of a gas line, it is recommended that gas dryers be installed by a technician, which increases the cost of installation. If you just moved into a new place with a washer and dryer hookup but no appliances, you can tell by simply looking at the outlet. Gas dryers run on electricity to do things like power the lights and turn the drum, but they heat with gas.

Or would you rather save money on the initial purchase and prefer not incur the expense of installing a gas line if one is not present? It’s important to consider these questions as you decide whether a gas or electric dryer is best for you. Top load gas dryers offer up more storage space on top of the unit as top load gas dryers cannot be stacked. Made to match top load washers, top load gas dryer machines reduce drying time and costs over time compared to top load electric dryers.

List of the Gas vs. Electric Dryers Cons

These devices vent the hot, humid air generated by your clothes dryer through a hose and out to the exterior of your house. Dryer vents and hoses are made of durable, flame-retardant materials that can stand up to the intense heat created by your dryer. Most vents have built-in guards that keep mice, birds, and insects from entering your home through the vent. Replacing an old dryer vent may not be high on your list of home repairs, but it’s an issue you shouldn’t ignore. A failing dryer vent will hurt your dryer’s efficiency at best and, at worst, cause it to overheat and become a fire hazard. Because dryer vents are recesses between your home’s interior and exterior, they can potentially allow animals, insects, and cold air inside.

The price tag is just the tip of the iceberg, and you’ll need to look at other factors that go into the machine’s cost. Unless you have a ventless electric dryer, you’ll also need to consider your vent attachment just like a gas dryer requires. Here we share the gas vs electric dryers pros and cons starting with gas.